These celebrities trusted their parties to DJ Carlos Vega. Shouldn't you?

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By the young age of 16, Carlos Vega had already made his mark in the entertainment industry when he was invited to perform as guest DJ at the legendary Studio 54​. In the years that followed, Carlos performed at famous venues such as Regine’s, Shanghai Red’s​, Shooters​, Saci’s​, Hush​ and the world famous Flamingo in NYC​ just to name a few. By the mid to late 90s, his career continued to soar with explosive performances at the world famous Palladium​, West Gate​, and guest appearances at the Copacabana and Cameo in Miami, FL. It was during this time that he launched his Pro­Audio company, “Peakline Sound​,” which provided exclusive sound reinforcement and DJ services for the famous Latin Record Label Sony/RMM Records​. Peakline Sound serviced such top artists as Marc Anthony​, Jennifer López​, Tito Puente​, José Alberto “El Canario​,” Tito Nieves​, Celia Cruz​, Victor Manuelle and Gilberto Santa Rosa​, amongst many others. His reputation and success attracted the attention of many celebrities who quickly booked him for their private venues, including Priscilla Presley​, Julio Iglesias​, Eddie Murphy​, Lawrence "LT" Taylor and Yves Saint Laurent​. Today, Carlos continues to perform at private events worldwide.

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